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LOS CACAOS - Project Coffee - Hispania
  • LOS CACAOS - Project Coffee - Hispania

    The “Hacienda El Encanto” is located in Hispania, 98 km southwest of Medellin. The plantation is located on the Andes Mountain peaks at an altitude of 1350 to 1780 m. 


    In the 80's Hacienda El Encanto was mainly a banana and cocoa plantation. The coffee plantation is still shaped today by old banana and cocoa trees. These give the coffee growing there a special characteristic. An incomparable taste and a complex aroma bouquet. Furthermore, the fruits of these old trees serve as a source of subsistence for the workers in the platation. 


    The 34 ha (of which 26 ha are coffee) of the plantation are divided into seven plots, which differ in height and soil characteristics. The special feature of “El Encanto” are the water protection areas (approximately 6 hectares, ie 20% of the plantation). It goes without saying that we uncompromisingly protect both our water sources, which spring from the mountains, and the diversity of our native flora and fauna. The special microclimate characterized by altitude and warm winds from the Cauca Valley, as well as the rich volcanic soil, contribute to the production of our high-quality coffee. 


    During the harvest season, more than 70 local pickers take care of the manual collection of the beans and it consists of different varieties such as Castillo, Caturra, Tabi and many more. 

    • Important Information:

      Estate: El Encanto 

      Plot: Los Cacaos

      Region: Hispania, Antioquia COLOMBIA

      Size: 4,3 hectares 

      Altitude: 1470/1600 mt. 

      Processing: Fully Washed 

      Varieties: Castillo, Caturro



      An interesting mixture of cocoa and lemon notes make LOS CACAOS the ideal coffee for every taste. The aroma of this coffee is reminiscent of fresh cocoa beans and fresh citrus fruits. 

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