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LOS ANDES - Project Coffee - Ciudad Bolivar
  • LOS ANDES - Project Coffee - Ciudad Bolivar

    The “Hacienda La Claudina” is located in Ciudad Bolivar, a traditional Colombian coffee village. About 100 km southwest of Medellin. 


    La Claudina is a journey into the past of the Colombian coffee tradition. The house, built in 1893 and still in its original condition, is a symbol of the long tradition of our plantation. As one of the oldest coffee plantations in the region, La Claudina has specialized in the cultivation of exclusive Colombian highland coffee. 


    The plantation is around 18 hectares (16 hectares of which is coffee) and has its own processing plant. The mixture of high altitude, warm, humid mountain wind from the Choco rainforest and fertile volcanic soil is ideal for the production of our exclusive highland coffee. La Claudina is at an altitude of between 1300 and 1800 m and consists of 4 plots (La Yuca, Mandarino, La Caña and Los Andes) that differ in height and terrain. 


    The coffee is 100% Arabica and mainly consists of the Colombian variety Castillo, which is characterized by its resistance to diseases. Harvest time is between September and December. During this time, nearly 60 plantation workers sort out the ripest beans by 100% manual labor. 

    • Important Information:

      Estate: La Claudina 

      Region: Ciudad Bolivar, Antioquia COLOMBIA

      Size: 3,0 hectares 

      Altitude: 1680/1790 mt. 

      Variety: Castillo 

      Processing: Fully Washed 

    • Los Andes

      Los Andes, an excellent mix of volcanic soils, high altitude and a comfortable microclimate. Due to the altitude, a slower maturation process takes place - resulting in a denser, richer bean that has developed an excellent flavor and aroma profile. This highland coffee is characterized by an intense, sweet aroma. Its elegant notes of lemongrass and sugar cane make Los Andes a unique experience. 

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