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Shade trees
  • Shade trees

    Shade trees are very important trees not only for the reforestation of the farm but also for the long-term sustainability of the coffee plantations. With these trees in constant rotation we help reduce the carbon footprint and every 15-20 years the coffee farmers can use them to sell the wood and replant the coffee plantations.


    Action 1 shade tree for 35 € 


    • You receive and adopt your own shade tree in one of our crops in Colombia. It can be at the El Encanto hacienda in Hispania or at the La Claudina hacienda in Ciudad Bolivar. 

    • We have a board at the entrance of the crops where we will put your name in the form of a "Thank you very much for your help" if you want to. 

    • you will receive 250gr from one of our allied coffee roasters. 

    • Pergamino Coffee seeds and planting instructions so you can have your own coffee at home. 

    this is how we create valuable habitat for plants and animals together... and us ofcourse!


    IMPORTANT: Action valid just for EUROPE...


    If you have any other question, do not hesitate in contact ud:


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