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Whether you are a barista, roaster, coffee taster, or simply have a passion for the most consumed beverage in the world, this information is relevant to you. The dark beverage helps us cope with the stress of routine and fatigue on a daily basis, but have we ever wondered where something so valuable and so wonderful comes from? We invite you to join us on this wonderful journey to the origin, where, depending on your interests, you can participate in a journey that you will surely not forget. You will learn everything to do from the coffee farmer to the cup from a completely different perspective!

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Colombia is not only known for having one of the best coffees in the world, it is also a worthy representative of its presentation. It is not for nothing that the current world champion in barismo is the Colombian "Diego Campos" from the company "Amor Perfecto".

During the "Barista" journey to the origin, you will learn not only about the coffee cultures, but also about their unique way of processing and how baristas finally bring out their maximum expression in the cup and bring it to the best, so that the local consumer can enjoy all the work. It is an exciting journey that the plant goes through to the prepared cup.

We will visit the best specialty coffees in the city of Medellin and travel to the beautiful city of Bolivar, where we will see how tradition has been integrated into the production and final preparation of the drink.



The roasting process is the refinement of green coffee - or its destruction. The characteristic aromas of coffee are developed by chemical processes during roasting. Equally important for the quality of the coffee, however, are the quality of the green coffee and the length of time the roasted coffee is packaged and stored.

The trip offers a theoretical and practical insight into planting, harvesting, processing, the quality of green coffee, the roasting process and tasting.

What can be learned and experienced ranges from planting, preparation, screening and grading, transportation and storage of green coffee to different processes of roasting and professional cupping, that is, enjoying (or not) in the cup. This time we will focus on what we sometimes ignore and what is more important, namely the recognition of all unpleasant tastes, that is, we will practice in particular the recognition of errors.

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This is where the best of both worlds come together. If you love adventure, unknown places, the silence of the mountains, but at the same time the madness of the big city. This trip has it all ... AND OF COURSE, most importantly, it has fundamental coffee experiences.

We will visit the beautiful city of Medellín and its surroundings, including Guatapé, Santa Elena and the beautiful southwest of Antioquia, which will surely not only change your image of coffee, but you will also discover the beautiful Antioquia

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