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It's no secret to anyone that coffee is produced in most of the countries in the world that lie between the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn. In order to get the best product and the best possible quality, a good cultural and social understanding with each of the producing countries is crucial. 


We invite you to know all our origins and their great differences in profile and taste. 


Our task is to be a socially, ecologically and economically sustainable company - a coffee company that procures green coffee from producer countries in cooperation with the farmers according to these added values. 

Our daily challenge is to search these coffees according to the knowledge of origin, terroir, variety and typical characteristics and, as the farmer's agent, to pass these products on to our guests in the best possible quality. 

To design a business model economically, which convinces the consumer and connoisseur not through prices, but through added value for the future. 

We are very proud to offer these high-quality products that combine sustainability in both social and environmental terms. 

We are also a center for coffee knowledge, which can constantly test the quality and flavors with a laboratory in Ciudad Bolivar and in Echternach. Our goal is to learn, teach and share the culture, history and experiences of growing coffee. So that there is an exchange of coffee specialties from the plant to the cup. That´s our “Circle of Coffee”. 

Mitarbeiter VIP


• TdC 80-83 points 

These coffees are clean and represent the typical profiles of the producing region, the variety. Coffees, coffee blends from terroir coffees with defined profiles that stand for a stable, reproducible taste 

Estate- Coffees

• TdC Estate Coffee 84-86.5 points 


Shows the special different regional characteristics of the farm, which are shaped by the special terroir of the farm, the variety, the cultivation, the microclimate. Complex flavor notes. They are very versatile coffees that can be enjoyed in all preparation methods, as espresso or filter 

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Plot - Coffees

Plot coffees 

• TdC Tipico 85.5-86.5 points 

Super clean, elegant and harmonious line; These coffees show something special like refined sweetness or strong acidity. They are well crafted and purebred coffees. 

• TdC micro lots 86.5+ points 

The best of the good! With this coffee we celebrate parties!! These coffees are characterized by their peculiarities and bring a smile to the lips. They exhibit more complex and rarer notes such as higher acidity, complex acidity, floral notes, berry notes, etc. Or just a manufacturing accident and nobody remembers how it happened and you hope to produce something similar in the next harvest. 


• TdC Project Coffees 

This is about development, promotion, project planning. 

Infrastructure measures may be necessary on a partner farm. It may be "social" interests such as gender equality, an individual farm or farmer who needs some support from the coffee community, development of varieties, conception and realization of permaculture or, as is currently the case, the girl Orphanage in Ciudad de Bolivar. 

In terms of taste, these "project coffees" are always in the range of 81.5 to 85 points. But here are other "tastes" in the foreground 


Image by Andres F. Uran

Discover the variety of our coffees and what is special about Tierra de Cafe



To our coffee from India

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To our coffees from Uganda

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Historisches Zentrum


To our coffees from El Salvador

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Guatemaltekischer Markt


To our coffees from Guatemala

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To our coffees from Mexico

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Glückliches Porträt


To our coffees from Kenya

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Traditionelle afrikanische Kopf-Verpackung


To our Coffees to Ethiopia

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