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Coffee tree
  • Coffee tree

    You are a coffee lover then this is for you. Imagine being able to have your own tree in our coffee crops. This is a completely different experience, as being able to taste the fruits of your own tree definitely means something.


    The purpose of the initiative is that coffee lovers can have a unique experience and appreciate the hard work that goes into producing this wonderful drink.


    The tree will start producing a sizeable crop for one tree (approximately 2kg of coffee cherries which would result in 800g of green coffee or 500g of roasted coffee).


    From the third year you can ask us to send the coffee to the door of your house (Shipping by Courier - Separate price) or you can donate it to the family that takes care of it for you, it is your decision.


    Action 1 Coffee tree for 50€ / Year

    Coffee stars the production after 3 years 

    Yield:  1 Tree = 800gr greenbeans or 500gr Roasted Coffee (average)

    Variety: Castillo, Caturro, V.Colombia.


    For any question do not hesitate in contact us:


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